We have been screaming it from the rooftops for years – WA’s unique Local Government Bush Fire Service delivers so much more than water to fires.

For those who have never seen it in action, it is truly remarkable. And the thing – the X factor – that is what makes our service so special is what Christmas is really about – a little bit of magic that brings out the best of us all!

The fact is, the incredible 20,000+ registered women and men of WA’s biggest emergency service are critically important to not only the physical safety, but also the psychological well-being of so many communities across our great State.

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Their presence in more than 550 locations, give local communities a sense of comfort, resilience and control. Locally managed Bush Fire Brigades mean there are local people close by with the skills and knowledge to help prepare, prevent, respond to and recover from dangerous and traumatic incidents – and quite simply that is one of the things that keeps many communities viable.

But because our Brigades are filled with the nicest, most community-focussed people in the world, they are also central to the fun things that happen in towns and communities all over WA.

This happens all year round but perhaps at no time is it more obvious than Christmas!

So, in honour of our amazing Bush Fire Brigade Volunteers and in celebration of the extra mile so many of them go to for the benefit of our communities, below is a wonderful gallery of photos from “Santa runs” and other Christmas events from around WA.

If your Brigade has some photos to share, please send them now to comms@bushfire.org.au or via our Facebook page and we will add them to the gallery ASAP.

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Thank you to all who not only protect our communities, but do so much to preserve them too.

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