The Chittering Scouts Group visited the Muchea Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade last month to learn a bit more about what the firefighters do in their local area to keep their community safe from the fire.

A great evening was had by all involved, with attendees including many joeys, cubs, scouts and volunteer firefighters from the area. It was unanimously agreed by the group that the best part of the event was when the scouts had the opportunity to explore the brigades 2.4 Rural Tanker. Where the group were allowed to use the hose and spray it at a target, take control of the monitor while it was spraying a tree nearby and even climb into the tankers cab to find out how the vollies keep themselves protected during a fire, and of course last but not least find out what all of the coloured buttons inside the cab really do.

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All in all, this was an extremely beneficial community event held by the local Muchea vollies, to help teach the next generation what it’s really like to be a firefighter, and how they can help keep their community safe from the fire.

Keep up the great work Muchea!

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