Just before Christmas, the Coles Group generously decided to donate a $500 gift card to Australian Volunteer Bush (and Rural/Country) Fire Brigades as a thank you for the work our amazing volunteers give.

Understandably (and with our support), the Coles Group decided to withdraw the very positive media campaign it had planned to explain its wonderful support for our members literally hours before it was due to be launched – when the NSW fires turned deadly.

Out of respect for those who have lost family, friends and homes – particularly in the Eastern States – the campaign has been indefinitely delayed, but the Coles Group has honoured its commitment and asked us to distribute a $500 gift card to as many Western Australian Bush Fire Brigades as possible without making a fuss about it. The card can be used to purchase anything from your nearest Coles.

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So if your Brigade hasn’t already, click the button below now to register and receive this wonderful gift from our friends at Coles Group.

Register your Bush Fire Brigade to receive a $500 Coles Gift Card now
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