It’s difficult to know what the long-term impact of almost every challenge humans face now days, but one very important outcome is a much better public understanding of the fury of fire. We are very conscious of the need to balance the potential for trauma with the value of every member of our community seeing just how scary the situation can get for the brave women and men who walk toward it when the rest of us run.

There has been some horrifying vision of fire trucks surrounded in flames, kangaroos and farm animals that have perished as a result of bushfire and no doubt there will be a lot more of the confronting footage before the end of summer. Below is vision shared by ABC Adelaide of a fire twister that occured on Kangaroo Island and we thought it was valuable to re-share because it is a small demonstration of how the heat from bushfire causes unpredictable weather patterns inside and around the edges of firegrounds – and the way the twister sucks the fire into a new, unburnt piece of land.

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