We are very pleased to report that the 2020 Bushfire Volunteers Western Power Grants Program has wrapped up with more than 100 Brigades applying for funding for almost $400,000 worth of tools, equipment and services they haven’t been able to obtain via the Emergency Services Levy (ESL).

Since the donation provided by our wonderfully generous, long term partners at Western Power can only cover about 10% of that, we’ve been working every day since applications closed on Monday to find suppliers that can help us with some very special prices to stretch the dollars as far as possible. And the team at Western Power has been truly awesome by providing us with a bit flexibility to see what we can do in that regard.

We will publish a more thorough wrap-up when everyone has been informed of the outcomes of their applications in the next couple of weeks, but some most commonly requested items that are still not available for Bush Fire Brigades under ESL included Thermal Imaging Cameras, Radios, Tablets/Laptops and portable fridges for fire trucks.

It goes without saying – but we will say it anyway because it is important to support those who support our amazing members – Western Power has been a genuinely wonderful partner over the years and this year in particular with the challenges of COVID-19 restrictions, have really proved their commitment to the work we and our essential volunteer members do for our community.

Thank you team! We are very appreciative for the support you’ve given us to be able to work with suppliers toward even better outcomes for the incredible volunteer your annual funding program supports.

Note: Time is tight, but if you have a relationship with suppliers of any of these items and think you might be able to help broker a deal that means more Brigades can get more of the items they need, please get in touch ASAP – before midday Monday 29 June 2020.