We say they are Diverse and Invaluable over and over… and here’s more proof!

Who could have predicted that part of a Bush Fire Volunteer’s “job” would be to assist Police at Regional Roadblocks throughout WA in the battle to stop the transmission of a deadly virus?

Well, not us, but as the proud peak body for the amazing 20,000+ women and men of Western Australia’s largest emergency service, we aren’t surprised that regardless of the threat, when the state needs help, one or more of our incredible volunteer emergency services roll up their sleeves.

And right now, on the edge of the highways and country roads that criss-cross our great state, Local Government Bush Fire Volunteers are standing side by side with Police Officers to protect our community from a hazard that has nothing to do with fire.

Like so many of the hazards our brave members choose to confront every single day without pay, COVID-19 is scary in its ability to spread and cause untold devastation as it goes.

Zone Representative Mike Muller from Nichol Bay BFB and Randall Findlay from Tom Price BFB assisting Police at a roadblock to stop the transmission of COVID-19 at the Nanutarra Roadhouse

But despite the threat being way outside the “job description” of a Bushfire Volunteer, many like Zone Representative Mike Muller from Nickol Bay BFB and Randall Findlay from Tom Price BFB are right now at the Nanutarra Roadhouse 270 km’s away from home, doing all they can to protect our community.

Just. Wow!

Thank you to all those volunteers who have been out there since midnight supporting our wonderful Police force. And thank you to the friends, families, businesses and colleagues who have their backs.

If you have photos from this frontline in a different part of the state, send them to us and we will share the love! Email [email protected]