We have said it a thousand times – the value of the incredible 20,000+ women and men of Western Australia’s Volunteer Bush Fire Service goes well beyond putting the wet stuff on the hot stuff.

And the awesome team at the Bunbury Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade recently posted a wonderful reminder of one of the added benefits communities get from having locally owned and managed Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades.

There isn’t many more words that we can add to the post and photos the Brigade shared below, so please take a look and give them a thumbs up on their facebook page!

Yesterday we had a crew go along to St Mary’s School in Bunbury. We were invited to go along and talk to the kids about what we do, why we travel to other communities to help with fires, why we wear our PPC/E, Bushfire behaviour, joining as a Cadet and becoming a Volunteer Firefighter. St Mary’s School are fundraising for the Bushfire Appeal, we wish them all the best with their efforts and congratulate them on their initiative. Thanks for having us!