Well said Minister Logan!

Here’s a Facebook post from the Emergency Services Minister, Hon Fran Logan in response to a headline that appeared in today’s The West Australian newspaper:


“Infernal end to Yanchep fire despite fiery heroics” ?!

Are you kidding me The West Australian?

How about: “More than 6000 homes saved”
or “Disaster averted thanks to fiery heroics”

The only thing that happened “despite” the actions of firefighters is that not more than one home and the petrol station were lost.

I cannot understate how the actions of firefighters saved Breakwater and other homes in the area. I am told they literally formed a wall of firefighters in front of homes.

I saw yesterday how close the fire came and their efforts were extraordinary!

This was a massive blaze that defied containment lines, retardant and created its own atmospheric conditions.

There is no “despite” or “road to ruin” or “infernal end” about any of this.

Thank you to all our volunteer and career firefighters, State Emergency Services, Salvation Army, Red Cross, Department of Communities, the City of Wanneroo, the Shire of Gingin and everyone else involved.