This is the stuff that keeps us going when things look a bit grim. Take a look at the recent Facebook post from the Lower Chittering Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade below:

It’s not just our firefighters who are busy and working hard during these fires.

A big thank you to a wonderful community member who quickly responded to pick up a firefighters children and drop them to one of the brigade support members, who keep them fed, watered and entertained while the parents were out fighting the fire. These behind the scenes members and helpers are such an asset to the brigade and to our firefighters. A big thank you to all those who help behind the scenes.

If you are able to help out with some behind the scenes tasks – from making up welfare bags for our crews, assisting with driving crews to the fireground during crew changeovers, assisting with cleaning the trucks when they are back on station, or even assist with the occasional baby sitting, please come down to the station this coming Saturday at 3pm and have a chat to our crew. Or send us a message on Facebook with your phone number and we will give you a call.

But wait, if that didn’t give you the warm fuzzies, have a look at a comment posted by Alison the less than 24hrs later:

I am a nanny and live in lower chittering and would be more than happy to help out with the children. Our fire fighter do such an amazing job. We are so lucky to live in this community.

Wow! Thanks to the Lower Chittering team for sharing this lovely reminder of just how deeply appreciated WA’s 20,000+ registered Bushfire Volunteers are by many in our local communities. And Alison – you’re one of the many unsung heroes who make the incredible machine that has your back 24/7 work so well.