Here’s the thing – they often need many things themselves – both personally and as a Brigade – but what we find time after time is that the amazing 20,000+ registered women and men of WA’s Volunteer Bush Fire Service ask for others well before even considering themselves.

And a case in point is the awesome team at the Lower Chittering Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade who this week posted the humble request below Facebook. If you can help, get in touch with the Brigade directly or shout out to the association and we’ll connect the dots (no pun intended) for you! (

We are looking for donations (or to spend a small amount), on some games and activities for kids to enjoy at community events we attend.

Sponsor's message

Some of the items we would be considering included lawn bowls, coits, connect four, cricket set, any other fun and exciting things you can think of. One thing we would love to get in time would be an inflatable water slide!!!

If you are able to help us source any of these fun activities for all our kids to enjoy, please get in touch.

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