The association is very proud to have been working hard behind the scenes to develop yet another new member service – this time in the critical area of volunteer mental health.

The project still has a little way to go before its formal launch, but we are at the point of needing some guidance (and reassurance) from a mental health professional.

Unfortunately, our funds are limited so we are hoping to find a generous psychologist or practice who is willing to donate their time and skills to help ensure the tools and program we are developing is effective and safe. We understand there will be ethical issues to consider, but can offer a formal sponsorship package that includes public recognition and advertising space in exchange for the professional services and advice provided.

The service will not involve the direct provision of clinical services and isn’t intended to focus on any particular mental illness or condition, however we speculate that many of those accessing our new service will do so with issues relating to Depression and PTSD.

If you are a psychologist or other appropriately qualified mental health professional who might be interested in partnering with the association on this very worthwhile new project, please contact our Executive Officer for a confidential discussion.

Darren Brown
Executive Officer
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 0498 828 232