Members and other valued stakeholders know just how much effort a handful of volunteers have put into trying to deliver annual championships for our amazing Bush Fire Volunteers across WA.

Last year we partnered with the Mining Emergency Response Competition (MERC) to host our first ever Bushfire Games in the Perth CBD. It went relatively well given the extremely limited resources we had, but we also spent a lot of time and effort working through what we could improve.

One issue we identified is that many of the traditional events use a lot of physical space and that makes our “end” of Langley Park look very empty and frankly, not very exciting for the audiences we want to come and learn about the specialist skills our incredible bush fire volunteers have.

So, in the “we can do it” tradition of our amazing volunteer members, we want experienced, innovative bush fire volunteers to help us conceive some new events that test the skills of our competitors in much more compact spaces.

We are wide open for ideas – be bold and think way outside the box… what can we do in an area of say 30m x 30m that will be a good test of some key bushfire skills and great viewing for those watching. Think Shipping Containers, propane-powered flames, virtual reality, artificial wind sources…  let your imagination loose – and then share it with us.

If you would like to get together for a brainstorming meeting or have an idea you’d like to simply share with us, please get in touch by email: [email protected] or phone 1800 BF VOLS (1800 23 8657).