We all know it: the specialist skills of the Volunteer Bush Fire Service, Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service and State Emergency Service serve the Western Australian community extremely well. Each individual volunteer stream have deep expertise in particular aspects of the diverse array of emergency service skills particularly required in different parts of our state and when the poo really hits the fan, they come together to make an amazing multi-disciplinary team.

And because very little in life is ever truly binary, most of our amazing volunteers are also keen to learn the basics of their peers in other services so they can “hold the fort” during those times when the first responders aren’t necessarily the experts. So it’s with thanks and full support to the Bunbury VFRS who welcomed the incredible Bunbury Volunteer Bush Fire Cadets for a basic training session in road crash rescue – adding to their knowledge and importantly, confidence, as they progress their community service.

Well done Bunbury VFRS and all who took the time to share in the development of these future leaders.