Members will recall that as part of our exciting plan for a big future, Bushfire Volunteers published this Market Sounding document on 6 November, inviting discussion from Local Governments, Companies and Philanthropists who might like to donate land and/or premises as partners in what we called our Ambitious plan for world-leading Bushfire Volunteers Heritage and Education Centre.

Frankly, we were overwhelmed by the response and have continued to have a number of new expressions of interest from various potential partners ever since.

And some of those discussions are moving very, very quickly to the point where we needed to take the next step and secure professional design help and published Can you help? Architect/Building designer needed.

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Guess what? Only a couple of days later, we were contacted by an Architectural firm that was forwarded our post by a couple of our members. After spending a couple of hours with the owner of the firm this morning, we have agreed on a sponsorship deal that will deliver the help we need to design and cost a truly world-leading heritage museum, educational, training and administration center for WA’s incredible Bushfire Volunteers.

Our network of volunteers and, importantly, those who have their backs, is simply amazing!

More details to come, but we were very excited about the support we are attracting for the big bold future we’ve been forced to embrace and simply can’t wait to share the next milestone.

Note: The Bushfire Volunteers State committee will consider the location and facility options that have already been offered this weekend.

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