• Brand new $500,000 vessel, Busselton Marine 1, officially launched this weekend
  • Refit of group’s other vessel, Cheryll K, completed thanks to an additional $89,000 grant

Busselton Marine Rescue has officially taken possession of its brand new $500,000 vessel, the Busselton Marine 1 and its refitted Cheryll K today (December 7).

Emergency Services Minister Francis Logan joined the Busselton crews today to celebrate the new and refitted vessels that are part of the McGowan Government’s record $19.5 million funding for Western Australia’s Marine Rescue groups.

Busselton Marine 1 is a larger and more powerful vessel than Busselton Marine Rescue previously had, and will allow the volunteers to reach those in need on the water faster and in greater comfort and safety.

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The Busselton group received a $400,000 Emergency Services Levy capital grant, and raised an impressive $100,000 for the three-year design and construction of the fit-for-purpose Henderson-built Busselton Marine 1.

The Cheryll K was refitted with a new interior and state-of-the-art electronics thanks to a $89,000 ESL grant.

Busselton Marine Rescue has more than 70 active volunteer members and has been involved in more than 25 search and rescue missions over the past year.

In 2018 the McGowan Government committed $19.5 million over four years in funding through the Emergency Services Levy for local Marine Rescue groups, which has been the largest funding investment in marine rescue to date.

Comments attributed to Emergency Services Minister Francis Logan:

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“The South-West coastline and its waters are some of Western Australia’s most beautiful and heavily visited locations, and Busselton Marine Rescue has proudly been assisting people who have gotten in trouble in the area for 35 years.

“It was a great pleasure to join the Busselton crew on Saturday to officially launch their new $500,000 Busselton Marine 1 and to see the $89,000 refit of the Cheryll K.

“The new vessel will make a significant difference in the Busselton group’s response times and rescue capabilities.

“It is very pleasing to see the results of the McGowan Government’s record $19.5 million funding in Marine Rescue start to bear fruit.

“This fit-for-purpose vessel was designed by Busselton Marine Rescue members to ensure a quicker and safer voyage for their volunteers and those who need their help on the water.

“The refit of the group’s other vessel, Cheryll K, including a refreshed interior and state-of-the-art electronics will also improve comfort and safety for the volunteers.”


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