Below is a media statement published today by the Hon Reece Whitby MLA as Minister for Emergency Services and various Government MPs. Please see this newspaper article for background and some issues this commitment raises.

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  • McGowan Government investing in multi-million dollar emergency services package
  • New $14.5 million fire station in Perth’s south east and $4.9 million for new protective clothing for career and volunteer firefighters
  • Dozens of new firefighters to be based around regional Western Australia
  • Funded as part of 2021-22 State Budget, delivering on McGowan Government’s election commitments

The McGowan Labor Government will spend $38.4 million to boost frontline firefighting services, including a new fire station in Perth’s south east and funding for an additional 36 career firefighters based in regional Western Australia.

Funded as part of the 2021-22 State Budget, the emergency services package will deliver on several election commitments to strengthen the State’s defence against natural disasters.

$14.5 million will be invested to fund the construction of a new fire station in Perth’s south-east to cater for the significant population growth occurring in the region.

The final location will be determined by the Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner based on operational requirements.

$17.8 million will also be allocated for the placement of 36 additional career firefighters in Geraldton, Albany and Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

The Kalgoorlie Career Fire and Rescue Station will also be upgraded to accommodate the additional personnel at a cost of $1.2 million.

Additionally, $4.9 million will be invested in replacing personal protective clothing for both career and volunteer firefighters.

Comments attributed to Emergency Services Minister Reece Whitby:

“This package will put more firefighters on the frontline.  By funding 36 new career firefighters in Geraldton, Albany and Kalgoorlie-Boulder we’re delivering on our election commitment to strengthen emergency services in our regions.

“The additional firefighters will increase the number of career personnel on shift at all times, enhancing their ability to respond to incidents. They’ll fight fires alongside our hard-working volunteers, to protect local communities and help make our regions even safer.

“Building a new fire station in Perth’s south-east corridor is critical to responding to the rapid population growth in the area and this investment will ensure that the emergency services response will continue to grow.

“Together, these investments demonstrate the McGowan Government’s commitment to enhancing emergency services for all Western Australians.”

Comments attributed to Member for Kalgoorlie Ali Kent:

“The deployment of additional firefighters in Kalgoorlie and upgrade of the local fire station is a big win for the region, and I’m proud the McGowan Government is delivering it.

“This is an issue that was continually raised with me over the past 18 months, and I am so happy that this funding will provide more resources to those on the frontline.

“This funding package will help keep the local community safe for years to come, and demonstrates the State Government’s commitment to enhancing emergency services in Kalgoorlie and beyond.”

Comments attributed to Member for Albany Rebecca Stephens:

“It is wonderful that Albany will soon have more firefighters on the frontline.

“The McGowan Government has already delivered a fantastic base for firefighters to serve the community, and the deployment of additional firefighters will only enhance emergency services in the region.”

Comments attributed to Member for Geraldton Lara Dalton:

“The devastating impact of Cyclone Seroja has highlighted for many of us in the Mid-West the unpredictability of natural events and the important work emergency services personnel do in a wide range of situations each and every day.

“Having additional firefighters on the frontline will enhance their ability to respond to incidents and help keep our community safe.”