The following Question On Notice was asked by the Member for Roe, Mr Peter Rundle MLA and answered in Parliament today by the Emergency Services Minister Hon Fran Logan MLA.


Mr P. Rundle to the Minister for Emergency Services; Corrective Services:

I refer to the recent awarding of the contract for the 4.4 Broadacre Fire Truck to Frontline Services, and I ask:

(a) What was the probity process on the Department of Fire and Emergency Services tender and who was involved;

(b) What chassis are being used for the 4.4 Broadacre trucks?

Mr F. Logan replied:

(a) The 4.4 tender process was overseen by an independent representative from the Department of Finance (DoF) to:

(i) oversee the review and release of the tender, the receipt of offers and briefings to suppliers;

(ii) facilitate evaluation panel meetings to ensure and maintain probity and avoidance of bias in the assessment of offers;

(iii) review recommendations of the evaluation panel to ensure recommendations are sound and reflect value for money; and

(iv) facilitate a peer review from within the DoF of the evaluation report prior to presentation to the State Tender Review Committee. In addition to the above, DFES engaged an independent probity advisor from Stantons International to oversee every facet of the procurement process including providing advice to respondents, panel members and procurement staff to address any probity concerns. DFES also established a 4.4 Broadacre Tanker Project Advisory Team to advise through all stages of the project and to ensure volunteer firefighters are equipped with modern firefighting appliances that meet the needs of their local conditions and community.

(b) Volvo, Tatra, Iveco, and Isuzu, each in single and crew cab variations.