COVID-19 has delayed the “official launch” a little, but during the week we invited members to get a head start and register themselves and their Brigades to use our awesome new smartphone app – ES Volunteers.

And we had a fantastic response with hundreds of Bushfire Volunteers already registered and using the app, including a number of whole Brigades.

If you missed the email:

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  2. Check out all the details of the app at

How much does it cost?

For Bushfire Volunteers members and their Local Governments, it’s FREE!! Zip, Nada, Nil, Zero.

What does the app do?

For the full details including a 3-minute explainer video, visit the app’s website (, but here are some of the key features of version 1:


  • A digital Volunteer ID Card for all registered and approved volunteers
  • Can be remotely disabled by a Brigade Captain so the person needing to see it knows your are registered right now.


  • One-touch automatic and manual logging of the duration, location and type of work volunteers undertake
  • Will provide reports for volunteers to fully understand the time spent and distances travelled while volunteering
  • Provides evidence of attendance at incidents should it be required for future health, employment, reimbursement or other claims


  • Brigade-level statistics will give Captains and Local Government Officers indisputable information about the work their volunteer teams undertake
  • Will provide powerful reports that can be used in resource planning and to substantiate needs in funding applications


  • Retail, hospitality, entertainment and service small businesses can list,edit and delete special offers and discounts exclusively for ES Volunteers based on service type and location – for FREE
  • Never before opportunities for local businesses to directly recognise and support the Essential Service Volunteers for their community service
  • We Have Your Back” special during COVID-19 lockdowns: small businesses can simply list their services and opening hours for FREE – no need to provide discounts or special offers, just tell ES Volunteers you’re open and want their business

Visit the website now to register you or your Brigade:

Why isn’t it free for other services?

As members know, the association has work tirelessly with governments for years to try to correct the weird funding anomaly that currently provides an annual operational grant of around $7 for every registered Bushfire Volunteer compared to $157 per FRS Volunteer and $75 per FES Volunteer*.

We persisted because we thought it would be better for everyone to use these limited resources to consult and represent our incredible volunteers than to spend precious time and energy developing other sources of income. However, our hopes of that effort convincing the Department to provide more adequate support were dashed last year when we were told the only way to deliver better member services would be to actively pursue non-government revenue sources.

So, in the famous spirit of so many of WA’s amazing Bush Fire Volunteers, the Committee rolled up its sleeves and put plans in place to radically increase the number and breadth of direct member services we deliver and necessarily, take the department’s advice to develop the external income required to fund it.

Other essential services with volunteers can customise and use our system for a small set-up fee and annual service charge based on their specific requirements.

How does our service get set up?

If you are a volunteer or manager with another essential service and would like to learn more about getting the system customised and available to your teams, please give us a call or send a quick email: [email protected]

This app will be of significant assistance for individuals and organisations that engage volunteers as paramedics, wildlife rescuers, emergency housing/catering, logistics – it is fully customisable and pricing is extremely reasonable.

For the information of Western Australian VFRS, VFES, SES and VMRS members, DFES has been invited to discuss making the app available for you but if your Association, Brigade or Unit would like to talk about getting set up in the meantime, please get in touch!

Don’t forget to check out the Essential Service Volunteers website!!

*NOTE: Funding data from 2019 WA State Budget and Volunteer numbers from DFES Website accessed 4/4/2020

2019-20 Grant # Volunteers $/Volunteer
Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services Association of WA Inc $363,000 2,300 $157.83
Volunteer Marine Rescue Western Australia Inc. $295,000 1,700 $173.53
Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades WA Inc. $141,000 19,500 $7.23
Emergency Services Volunteer Association Inc. $75,000 1,000 $75.00