In the past 10 years, the annual expenditure of the State Government Department responsible for Fire and Emergency Services (FESA/DFES) almost doubled, ballooning to nearly half a billion dollars this year. At the same time, the combination of climate change, population growth and a dwindling number of experienced land managers has made life-threatening wildfires a more regular event and understandably, the amount of interest – and attempted influence – from our elected members of Parliament has followed suit.

Bushfire Volunteers has asked candidates in the 2021 WA State Election to answer 10 questions important to our members and supporters to help voters who want to know more about those running for Parliament before casting their vote on 13 March.

It is important to note that Bushfire Volunteers is a strictly non-partisan organisation that is constituted to lobby for good public policy. To be clear, we support those who support the work of our incredible volunteer members. And lastly, while we absolutely want Members of Parliament to get involved at a policy level, we strongly oppose ANY political involvement in operational decisions including how the Emergency Services Levy (ESL) is spent.

Click here to read the 10 questions complete with background.

Click here to see the results from candidates who have already taken the time and care to respond.