COVID-19 certainly dented our plans to launch our new Essential Service Volunteers App with the profile it deserves, but nevertheless, we did our “soft launch” and the couple of hundred Bushfire Volunteers who jumped on board have helped us improve it already.

So the question is, why isn’t your Brigade using it?

The app is free for our members and after almost 10 years of work by the association, it delivers three really valuable things:

  1. A one-touch log system so volunteers can log the duration, location and type of work you do as a volunteer.
  2. A virtual ID card so you can prove you are a registered and authorised Bush Fire Volunteer right now.
  3. Special offers and discounts that supportive businesses provide to thank you for your work – which allows you to support those local businesses in return.

There are a heap of good reasons to use the app – reporting so Brigades know how much time they are spending on different activities, evidence for you as a volunteer in case you ever need to prove you were at a particular incident for a health compensation claim, supporting local businesses, stopping people claiming to be a volunteer when they aren’t currently registered, supporting the association develop sustainable tools and services… the list goes on and on.

All you need to do is register – preferably your whole Brigade so you get the invaluable stats, but just you as a single volunteer if you want to start small. It’s free to our members and if we can get the critical mass before the warmer months, the community benefit will be huge.

Get on it, please go to right now, click Register and help us help you.