The Sussex Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade is one of the first brigades in WA to support local businesses in their community by downloading the Essential Service Volunteers App.

The app was initially created as a tool and service by the Bushfire Volunteers to track a volunteer’s location and log the type of jobs they have undergone whilst volunteering.

However, due to the current global COVID-19 crisis the app was modified to support local businesses across WA to help them stay open.

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co cellar door in Busselton, was the first small business in the South-West region to sign up to the app.

Currently, small to medium sized businesses can register to the app and promote themselves to volunteers using the app within a 10 kilometre radius of their location, for free.

There doesn’t need to be an offer of any sort listed by the businesses who register on the app, it just shares the news that a business is open by alerting customers.

There’s also a ‘pin’ location drop on the app, which allows volunteers to pick a location they might be travelling to and see which businesses are open in that area.

Local business who want to get involved can go to