The team at Bushfire Volunteers is extremely excited to announce a new project that will investigate issues and opportunities for women in the volunteer emergency service.

The project, supported by a $10,000 grant from the WA Government acting through the Department of Communities, aims to formally quantify and qualify both perceived and actual barriers and make recommendations that will inform changes required to encourage, support and recognise the value of women actively involved at all operational, administrative and support levels of WA’s Volunteer Bush Fire Service.

The first action item for us is the appointment of a Project Officer who will oversee the development of tools to seek the experiences and views of current, former, potential future and partners of, volunteers and other stakeholders.

After that consultation process, the Project Manager will draft a report that identifies barriers for the recruitment, retention and progression of women in our service and make specific recommendations to address them.

Specific details of the project and opportunities to participate will be announced on this website in due course but if you would like to be kept informed of news and events or submit an expression of interest in participating, please send an email to [email protected].


Supported by the Department of Communities

Supported by the Department of Communities