Volunteer Opportunities

2023-25 Board Members

Bushfire Volunteers has two “layers” of elected representatives. The Board includes the association’s Office Holders (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) as well as the Immediate Past President, and Ordinary Board Members.

The Board of Bushfire Volunteers is the Management committee as defined in Part 4 of the Associations Incorporated Act 2015 and as such, its members must meet certain eligibility requirements such as not being someone whose affairs are under insolvency laws or has been convicted of certain offences.

The standard term of a Board Member is two years and retiring members are eligible for re-election.

Nominations are currently open for 2023-25 Board Member positions and will close at 16:00hrs Sunday 13th August 2023.

If you would like to nominate to fill a current Board vacancy, please complete the nomination form below.

2023-25 Zone Representatives

The second layer of elected representatives within Bushfire Volunteers is the State Committee. The State Committee has at least two Zone Representative positions for each of 9 geographical zones that cover the State of Western Australia. Zone Representatives are elected by the local government volunteer Bush Fire Brigades within their zone and hold the position for a two year term, offset to provide an opportunity for Brigade input into their zone’s representatives every year.

Zone Representatives are the voice of the members and essential as the main conduit between WA’s 20,000+ Bush Fire Brigade volunteers and the association. This makes the role of Zone Rep very challenging, but as the association continues to build its internal capacity and resources, we are getting better at providing the tools and support to make it one of the most rewarding.

Nominations are currently open for the Zone Representative positions and will close at 16:00hrs Sunday 13th August 2023.

Click here to read the expectations of our Zone Representatives.

If you would like to nominate to become a Zone Representative, please contact [email protected] to request a nomination form.