Bunbury Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade Bonding-and-Beach-Cricket3e-14-01-21

Bunbury Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade: Bonding and Beach Cricket 14-01-21

This week, Bushfire Volunteers visited Bunbury Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade to make a delivery and check in on the crew.

After a few formalities at the fire station, we were invited to join a majority of the Bunbury crew who headed down to Koombana Beach in front of the Dolphin Discovery Centre to play beach cricket.

Bunbury Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade Bonding-and-Beach-Cricket1e-14-01-21

Some of the team from the Bunbury Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade at their Bonding and Beach Cricket evening 14-01-21

A great evening was had by all involved, and it’s safe to say we were all pretty knackered as we headed back to the station for some fish and chips for dinner.

Being a volunteer isn’t just about helping out your community, it’s about so much more. The community of individuals that you volunteer with can make or break your experience, and as we all know too well it’s definitely important to make sure to have some fun whenever you have the time.

Thanks again for having us Bunbury! We’re sure we’ll see you again soon.