Bushfire Volunteers' President Dave Gossage AFSM at the Shire of Mount Marshall Bush Fire Volunteer Awards night November 2020

Bushfire Volunteers’ President Dave Gossage AFSM at the Shire of Mount Marshall Bush Fire Volunteer Awards night November 2020

Dave Gossage AFSM, President of Bushfire Volunteers attended an awards ceremony at the community sporting complex in the Shire of Mt Marshall last week, where 65 volunteer bush fire fighters from the region were formally recognised for their ongoing contribution to their community.

With a total of 1140 combined years of service between the recognised volunteers, it’s safe to say that the Bush Fire Service Medal Recipients were well deserving of the recognition from their local government.

It’s important to note here that the Bush Fire Service Medal not only recognises those on the front line, but makes sure to recognise those behind the scenes keeping the station running and looking after the front line volunteers as well, who are just as essential when it comes to keeping their local communities safe from the fire.

This is the first time anything like this awards ceremony has been held in the area, so we’re glad to see the local volunteers receiving the recognition that they deserve from their local government.

As well as the many volunteers in attendance from Bencubbin, Welbungin, Gabbin, Clearly, Wialki and Tampu Bush Fire Brigades, and Beacon Volunteer Emergency Services, local government officials including CEO John Nuttall, DFES Area Manager Daniel Hendricksen and Councillors Gobbart and Gibson took the time out of their busy schedules to attend the ceremony.

Dave Gossage said, “It was very rewarding to see a local government taking the time to formally recognise their local bush fire volunteers, and the sacrifice they make for their communities.”

“We’re very proud that after years of work, Bushfire Volunteers were able to establish this medal as a way to recognise an individual volunteers length of service to the community. It’s great to see volunteers getting the recognition for their service that they deserve.”

Bushfire Volunteers would like to formally congratulate all of the local volunteer medal recipients and thank you for your ongoing effort to support your local community.

Recipients of Bush Fire Service Medal:

Name of Volunteer Years of Service
Jack Walker – BFCO 30
Dave Walker 30
Craig Walker – BFCO 15
George Cooper (Deceased) accepted by grandson – Craig Walker 30
Tony Sachse – Shire President & BFCO 25
Ben Sachse – BFCO 10
Adam Sachse 10
Geoff Morgan 20
Di Morgan 20
Hugh Morgan 20
John Smith 35
Paul Smith 35
Blake Smith 10
Raymond Cooper (Deceased) accepted by son Murray Cooper 45
Murray Cooper 35
Donna Cooper 20
Andrew Putt 40
Stuart Putt – BFCO 20
Michael Putt 5
Phillip Aitken 30
Johnno Aitken 5
Ross Underwood 25
Daniel Spencer – BFCO 5
Andrew West 10
Grant Whyte 25
Brad Probert 20
Craig Peters 20
Paul Gillett 20
Jeff Gillett 10
Len Cargeeg 30
John Jeffries 35
Mark Jeffries 10
Damian Tomas – CBFCO 15
Brett Clark – BFCO 20
Bill Clark 35
Garry Huckstep – Deputy CBFCO 20
Samantha Huckstep 15
Tom Grant 10
James Grant 10
Jeff Munns 20
Terry Gobbart – BFCO 30
Ian Farmer 30
Shaun Gratte – BFCO 10
Ian Meney 15
Denis Palm 15
Des Miguel 10
Vicki Miguel 10
Danny Miguel 10
Ian Sanders 10
Dallas Pierpoint 10
Bret Millar 20
Courtney Millar 10
Geoff Matthews 10
Kevin Smith 15
Nigel Beagley 15
Russell Sachse 10
Anthony Jack
Chris Jack 20
Robert Grylls 10
Rodney Lawrence 15

Find out more about how we partnered with DFES to establish the Bush Fire Service Medal back in 2018: https://www.bushfire.org.au/service-medals-announced-avbfb-kicks-another-goal-for-volunteers/