Here’s another opportunity for the skills and expertise of our Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade family to make some meaningful contributions to bushfire policy.

The self-explanatory letter from OBRM Director Murray Carter below asks the Association to encourage its members to draw on their experience and provide feedback on the draft Section 7 below by completing the feedback form and submitting it to their respective local governments. As always, the Association encourages those who do to “cc” us ( in on your feedback so we too can keep up to date with the word on the ground.


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The Office of Bushfire Risk Management (OBRM) is currently undertaking a review of the Bushfire-Prone Area Mapping Standard for Western Australia (the Standard). Part of this review has included Section 7 Identifying the Bushfire-Prone Area.

OBRM has reviewed the vegetation classification element of Section 7, following the initial local government review of proposed bushfire prone areas and feedback provided by local governments during this process. The review has considered vegetation types that are considered bushfire prone or not bushfire prone. We are now providing your association with the opportunity to comment on the revised vegetation classification.

To assist this process, please find enclosed a draft Section 7 Identifying the Bushfire-Prone Area and a feedback form. It would be appreciated if members could provide feedback through their respective local government and/or through a consolidated response from the Association itself.

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Once the feedback form has been completed please return by either email to or by mail to OBRM, PO Box P1174, Perth, WA 6844.

Could you please provide your reply by COB Friday 27 March 2015.

If you have any queries, please contact Carina Costello, A/Principal Officer on (08) 9395 9847 or email at

Yours sincerely


9 March 2015


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