Well, this isn’t really about you rather the amazing 26,000 women and men of WA’s largest emergency service – the local government managed Volunteer Bush Fire Service.

And thanks to the good folk at the Bedfordale Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade, here’s a little insight of a typical Saturday morning of one of those invaluable people who do so much for our community at no cost to government, before, during and after the flames.

0800 – 0900 Bedfordale Markets doing community service

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0900 – 1130: Checking hydrants on Churchman Brooke Road and Canns Rd

1130 – 1330 Putting on a display for the Kelmscott Junior Football Club end of season wind up

Thank you to every one of the tens of thousands of selfless volunteers who donate their valuable time, local knowledge and professional skills to serve and protect the rest of us 24/7/365.

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