Well, we knew a lot of Bush Fire Brigades needed some help in terms of extra equipment and tools, but the response to the very generous grant scheme provided by our partners at Western Power has been overwhelming!

In fact, we received applications from 141 Brigades for items that total more than half a million dollars! Among the most commonly requested item were thermal imaging cameras, basic furniture (tables and chairs), storage, computers and tablets, building improvements and maintenance and sadly, security systems.

While we are committed to disburse the funding within the next few weeks, we have decided to delay the final announcement so we can investigate if there is any way we can extend the total amount available to reduce the number of Brigades that will obviously not be able to receive any of the items requested.

Sponsor's message

The Association knows that many Brigades are desperate for a fast decision but hope everyone understands that we are doing all we can to stretch every dollar as far as possible.

Thank you to Western Power for its generous and on-going support and especially to all the Brigades who are now patiently waiting while we do our best to help more of our amazing volunteers and the Brigades that house their extended families.

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