We explained last week that we had received an overwhelming response to the Western Power grants scheme this year. As we said in this article, we were extremely lucky that the amazing team at WP were able to find an extra $20,000 from another program that had an underspend which made our total available $70,000. We are very appreciative to Western Power for helping our Brigades so much, but sadly, even with the special top-up they so generously provided this year, the 140+ applications we received still left us almost $500,000 short.

But all hope is not lost!

The Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades (AVBFB) is actively talking with other potential sponsors and donors in the hope that we will be able to find a different way to help the Brigades that haven’t been able to receive Western Power funding this year. We will make contact with those Brigades in the next week or so to chat about what we are doing to help them get what their hard-working volunteers need.

Sponsor's message

In the meantime, let’s celebrate that over the next few days (the bank doesn’t allow all the transfers at once), Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades across Western Australia will be able to purchase much-needed equipment including water tanks, pumps, recovery boards, equipment storage cabinets and even a snake handling course totalling $70,000.

We would like to thank all of the 140+ incredible Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades that applied for their patience and support. Of course, it is disappointing that we were so far short of the amount requested, but as we said earlier, we will make contact with the Brigades that missed out and work with them individually to help find other ways to get what they need.

And lastly, on behalf of all the Brigades that will be receiving a grant over the next few days, we simply can’t thank Western Power enough for their very generous and ongoing support.

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