It’s fair to say most local governments know just how valuable their incredible Bush Fire volunteers are, but not as many have the capacity or take the time to officially recognise it.

Now, we need to be careful here – the incredible women and men we represent are certainly not knocking on our doors telling us they want parties thrown in their honour. Indeed, the message we get loud and clear is that some of our hardest working members are almost embarrassed to be thanked publicly and are pretty happy just working quietly in the background with their 26,000 colleagues around our great state.

But as one of our primary functions is to promote and support our amazing Bush Fire Brigades and their volunteers, we reckon the relatively low-key BBQ hosted by the Shire of Mundaring earlier to thank local ES volunteers was a bloody great idea that is just enough to remind volunteers that their work is appreciated without it being a big brass band marching ceremony like the nonsense arranged when the $400k+ per annum contract of the last Commissioner ended.

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Anyhow, with huge thanks to the ladies and gents at Stoneville for sharing the Facebook post below and strong support for the Shire of Mundaring for taking the time to say thanks to new Life Member Jan Storer and her incredible volunteer colleagues, we share the love below.

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