Below is a media statement published by Emergency Services Minister Hon Fran Logan MLA.

Of course the Association is very supportive of the Minister speaking with and consulting emergency services volunteers directly – in fact, we are on the record congratulating him for doing a much better job of that than his predecessor.

However, in the same way the Minister speaks with Career Fire and Rescue staff directly but not at the exclusion of their representative body (the United Firefighters Union), we make the gentle point that none of the volunteer associations were invited to attend or given any information about who was invited or what was on the agenda. To be very clear, we want to help the government help our amazing volunteers. And we sincerely believe that there is nothing more we can do to make that single intent more obvious. We hope that very soon, our work in this regard will prompt a little more trust, support and inclusion – which will deliver much stronger returns to all.

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  • Inaugural Ministerial Volunteer Advisory Forum held in Perth
  • Half-day forum discusses challenges of volunteer recruitment and retention, training processes, resourcing requirements and climate change

Volunteers from around the State gathered in Perth yesterday to meet with Emergency Services Minister Francis Logan for the first Ministerial Volunteer Advisory Forum.

The half-day forum discussed how to improve volunteer retention and recruitment levels, how training processes could be improved including recognising prior learning, resourcing requirements and the effects of climate change.

Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner Darren Klemm also attended the forum and fielded questions from the volunteers with the Minister.

The volunteers came from across the State’s various fire services, the State Emergency Service and the Volunteer Marine Rescue Service.

The forum is another demonstration of the McGowan Labor Government’s commitment to providing emergency services volunteers with greater recognition and support.

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It follows an extensive meet-and-greet process, with Mr Logan travelling the length and breadth of Western Australia to see thousands of volunteers and career emergency services officers.

Comments attributed to Emergency Services Minister Francis Logan:

“It’s been one of my great pleasures travelling throughout WA to sit down and not only personally thank our emergency services volunteers, but also to hear how they think emergency services can be improved.

“We have incorporated a lot of their feedback in the unprecedented reform of our emergency services and this forum was one of the commitments I made.

“Yesterday’s half-day forum was a great opportunity to sit down with the emergency services volunteers from across the board to work through what the issues are and how they can be improved.

“I’m pleased to say that many of the volunteers think we’re heading in the right direction and are passionate about trying to attract more volunteers to their respective services.”

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