Yet again, one of the most fundamental things that make our Volunteer Bush Fire Service so great has been demonstrated in bucket-loads through those who jumped on a plane a week or so ago to fly east to help our Queensland cousins.

And that is of course, the great Australian spirit that means when you’re in trouble, we will have your backs.

Here’s just a short message we received yesterday from one of our newest State Committee Members, Will Fogarty from the South Coogee BFB:

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Just a few photos from people while on deployment.

We were working in rocky steep country in Stanthorpe and Balladeen originally, sleeping in QLDs habitat tent setup in Warwick showgrounds. Sharing the facility with ACT and SA volunteers and parks and wildlife crew.

After a few days we split up, with a crew heading to carunga and the other crew to Bundaberg. Carunga had fires burning in inaccessible terrain, with most of the tracks only suitable for light tankers. Quiet a few helicopters on site, multiple crews cutting down hazardous trees and working with air support.

We are now being demobbed from Brisbane with the other crew being sent home tomorrow.

Hats off to you Will and all those from services all over Australia who took time off work and left their families to help protect the lives and property of others.

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There will no doubt be many stories to share in our next newsletter from our amazing members who are due back in Perth today.

In the meantime, we’ve shared some of the photos that have been circulating over the last week and embedded a few of the Facebook posts from where they come.

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