We’ve said it many times before – the Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades (AVBFB) is so incredibly proud to represent the incredible women and men who give so much of their time and expertise to help and protect our community.

And while DFES might have a list of 19,500 registered volunteer firefighters, we know there are many more volunteers doing a heap of equally important things other than firefighting in and for our service.

A case in point is the amazing volunteers who manage the Association’s community education and engagement tools, Bushie the Bear – our lifesize mascot and Squirt – our miniature tanker.

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The team recently took Squirt to a daycare centre after ‘Beck’, a parent of one attending children, hired the service – and this is the message we received:

“Hi, i just wanted to say a very big thank you to the team that went to my sons daycare the other day – from all reports the kids had a great time and the educators thought your team was amazing – my son had a private go and totally loved it he would of loved to be squirted himself but he was very excited. i have attached a few photos which we are happy of you would like to use – Thank you again Cheers Beck”

And the photos Beck shared really say everything else we could possibly utter:

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