As you can see from the post below, wonderful ladies and gentlemen from the Kalamunda Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade travelled to Yarloop on Tuesday to join their heroic colleagues from many other brigades across the south west to mark the third anniversary of the devastating Yarloop and Waroona fires in 2016.

While the never-ending willingness of WA’s 26,000 Bush Fire Volunteers to leave their homes and families to protect others 24/7 makes the Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades (AVBFB) proud to be your peak body, it’s stuff like this that really gives us goosebumps.

Of course Tuesday was a “work” day and almost every one of the incredible people photographed had spent the day behind a desk, fixing cars and/or maintaining busy households – just like everyone else. But after they did that, they gave their time and fuel to travel to Yarloop and spent the evening “paying their respects” to those impacted by the most terrifying of natural forces three years ago… walls of ferocious fire that these amazing humans put themselves in front of with no tangible reward to protect a community in need.

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Do you feel our goosebumps now?

Geeze, how can we ever appropriately honour the astonishing work and kindness of WA’s highly skilled and courageous women and men who make up our largest emergency service – the Volunteer Bush Fire Service.

Let’s start by saying thank you and congratulations to everyone who gives so much to protect our communities and especially those who went those extra miles to reassure the people of Yarloop that we still have their backs.

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