The Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades invites applications from Bush Fire Brigade Volunteers to participate in the 2017 Volunteer Leadership Program being held in Perth. Application period closes on Tuesday, 21st February.

The program runs from Friday afternoon, 31st March, to Sunday afternoon, 2nd April. It is managed by the Red Cross on behalf of the Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR).

The program is for emergency services volunteers in some leadership role or working towards such a role. The aim of the program is to develop your leadership and organisational management skills and capacity.

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The Association, through its membership of the Council of Australian Volunteer Fire Associations (CAVFA), has been asked to nominate four volunteers to be considered for the program. The four participants chosen by the Association Committee Members will have their names forwarded to the program organisers through CAVFA.

The application forms and other information are available from the Association and can be requested via email at

The forms must be returned to The Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades via email by 21st February.

The cost of the program and various other costs such as meals are covered by the organisers through various funding they receive. They will also pay for accommodation for participants who do not live in Perth.

The  Association will assist with travel costs to Perth for rural based volunteers.

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