Another day, another incident for the diverse team of 26,000 legends we call the Volunteer Bush Fire Service.

The photo below is of a car-fire the amazing crew at the Byford Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade were called out to this week. And we know that the incredible women and men in the other 570 Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades who donate their professional expertise and immense local knowledge to protect communities right across WA often do a whole lot more than “just” save our lives and property from bush fire.

Don’t get us wrong, we are so incredibly proud of the fact that the volunteers who make up WA’s largest emergency service are the State’s bushfire experts, but just as the ladies and gents in the red trucks have specialites and sometimes help us out when trees are burning, our goddesses and gods in gold are happy to roll up their sleeves and do whatever is necessary whenever it is needed – even if they haven’t been properly equipped to respond without risking their personal safety.

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The fact is Western Australia is huge. We enjoy wildly diverse landscapes and many different lifestyle choices.

And our emergency services need to be as local and diverse as the communities we protect.

Backroom policy wonks and bean counters like to squeeze everything into neat little pigeon holes for sure, but our complex State needs the local, flexible and well-respected network of small, uniquely skilled teams Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades deliver.

It might make for some sort of financial efficiency, but applying a city-centric “formula” to the way our communities prepare for, respond to and recover from disaster is only a formula for disaster.

Thank you to the team at Byford VBFB for turning out to this potentially dangerous incident, even without the breathing apparatus other volunteer brigades are provided for such fires. We are proud of you and your colleagues all over WA who routinely put themselves between danger and the community at no cost to government. We have your backs. Thanks for having ours.

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