The Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades (AVBFB) sends its heartfelt condolences to family, friends and Bush Fire Brigade colleagues of the late Paul (Chappie) Chapman, most recently from the Serpentine Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade.

As explained in the Facebook post below, Chappie passed away last Friday and his family has extended an invitation to all who knew Paul to attend his funeral service:

Date: Wednesday 13 June
Time: 1300hrs (guests are asked to be there at 1230hrs)
Location: Eric Senior Pavilion, 1409 Karnup Rd, Serpentine WA 6125

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Western Australia is simply blessed to have so many courageous women and men willing to donate their time and skills to helping our community in so many ways.

And Chappie absolutely personified the best of our invaluable extended family. Having been an active member of a Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade for 52 years (Hills Bush Fire Brigade 1963 – 1997; Serpentine Bush Fire Brigade 1997 – 2015), Paul was also the Fire Control Officer in the area for 15 of those years and only hung up his PPE three years ago.

Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades are often the heart of smaller communities and people like Paul are the blood that flows through and out to keep the rest of our “body” functioning and safe.

RIP Chappie, and thank you for the invaluable service you and your family contributed to our great State.

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