Remember Tracy – the Yarloop VBFB Member who lost her home while fighting the Yarloop fires and was in need of a bit of help to finalise the deal to get her and her kids into their rebuilt home?

If not, here’s a bit of a recap:

The great news is through the hard work of a few of her friends, donations from the local community and our readers and some magic with the Salvation Army and Summit Homes, Tracy and her family are back in their own home in their community.

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Well done to everyone involved and let’s hope this is the beginning of a wonderful new start for Tracy and her family.

Warning: Get the tissues out before watching the video below!

And the latest update from the GoFundMe page set up by Jac her friend:

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I was lucky enough to see a Christmas Miracle today and oddly enough find it hard to put into words for a change.

To cut a long story short…
We got Tracy and her family home for Christmas.
With a HUGE amount of very much appreciated assistance from Cassandra Armstrong with the Salvation Army and Linda MacMillan, David Hunt and Mitch Delport of Summit we have the golden keys in Tracy’s hands.
We can’t thank these people enough for their quick thinking in finding a speed resolution for Tracy in time for Christmas.

On top of that we have the family’s reaction when they got them.
So I won’t waste time writing about what you’d rather watch…

Enjoy….. I was goosebumped to be there to witness it take place, with the Cookernup Wave thrown in and all X0*D


#ChristmasMiracle, #Summit, #HappyHomeComing, #ComingHome.

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