When we are talking to politicians and other stakeholders from outside the service, we are sometimes asked why the 26,000 incredible women and men of WA’s Bush Fire Service donate so much of their time, skills and energy, often at their own cost (and sometimes health).

Our answer is about the feeling our members get from “doing good”, helping their community and being part of a great team. Occasionally, we see in the eyes of the person we are talking to that they simply don’t understand. That’s not an insult – we are all different after all – but when that happens, we need to remember to show them a letter like this one received by the amazing crew at the Collieburn-Cardiff Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade via the local DFES office…

It’s so great to see people recognise the work our amazing volunteers do in such a personal and heartfelt way and we reckon even better that the Brigade had the confidence to share it on Facebook for the rest of us to enjoy. Well done and thank you!

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