Many readers will know our incredible Chair of the AVBFB Historical Group – Mr Chris Sousa – as a humble and energetic young man who can never do enough to help.

So it came as quite a shock when we learnt earlier this week that he had collapsed in his hometown of Bridgetown and been rushed to Perth in an induced coma.

We have since learned that because of the care – and wonderful stubbornness – of his loving partner, he was lucky enough to be dragged to a local doctor’s surgery after a brief spell at home, where he suffered a serious heart attack and was rushed to Fiona Stanley hospital. A relative told us that the quick thinking emergency services cooled Chris down to the point where it took a few days to “thaw” him out in hospital and thankfully is now recovering well.

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We hope this article doesn’t embarrass him, but knowing just how humble he is we didn’t want to ask for permission as we are sure he would have refused the attention. But we reckon Chris exemplifies what it is to be a Bushy and are glad he wasn’t alone when disaster struck.

If you know Chris, please leave a supportive comment below and we will ensure he gets reminded of just how valuable he is to us upright and alive.

Thank you to those who let us know and especially to the emergency service workers who kept Chris with us.

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