The AVBFB knows that Members of Parliament value the invaluable work our 26,000 volunteers donate to Western Australia every year because whenever there is a big fire, they all stand up in Parliament and talk about how wonderful everyone was when the cameras were rolling. But like friendship, the real test of whether someone has your back is if they are still proud to know you when the flames are gone but the less “sexy” slog-work begins.

We know some MP’s who are with us before, during and after and one of the Association’s big goals this year is to grow that relatively short list.

Whether we like it or not, social media is now a significant part of any public awareness messaging and for that reason, we thank Minister for Local Government David Templeman for posting his photo and recognition of our friends at the Mandurah Southern Districts Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade yesterday, even though the post had another political purpose.

Sponsor's message

Nevertheless, getting the message out their that volunteers – and their brigades – need support and deserve recognition is not a bad thing and we encourage every other community leader to proactively do what they can to share the message far and wide…

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