The following is an excerpt from a broader speech delivered to Parliament yesterday by the Member for Warren-Blackwood, Terry Redman:


I refer to bushfire risk. I pay tribute to all the volunteers who were involved with the Augusta bushfire recently. We have not got to the bottom of it yet, but I presume that, sadly, that fire was accidentally lit. It was just to the north of Augusta and it burnt out quite a big area. Once bushfires get going, it is pretty scary. It shut the highway down for some time. When those things occur, a lot of volunteers rally and in this case they put the fire out. It highlights the importance of bushfire risk management, mitigation work, funding support from the government for the organisations that are at the front line and support for managing those government-owned lands, which we put in place with royalties for regions to manage fire risk in those areas. We cannot highlight enough the importance of that.

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