It’s no secret that the AVBFB is proud to put in the extra effort required to support and promote the invaluable 26,000 women and men who make up our incredible Volunteer Bush Fire Service.

We think it’s important.

And we believe that for a couple of very good reasons.

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  1. Our members are volunteers by choice. They don’t get paid and are satisfied with that – as long as what they do is genuinely appreciated.
  2. Our members provide an essential service. It’s not this government or that politician’s fault – WA is a huge place and the population simply isn’t large enough to generate the taxes required to pay for the essential service the amazing members of the VBFS provide for free.
  3. Our members are there before, during and after the flames and cameras. Most people have no idea of the level of dedication and professionalism the vast majority of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade members put in to keeping the rest of us safe. Most of our amazing members give hundreds of hours every year doing things that the majority never see – cleaning, training, maintaining, mopping up, attending planning and post incident meetings, teaching school kids… they really do a lot more than hold a hose while the cameras are rolling.
  4. Our members are mums, dads, daughters and sons. And they drop everything and leave their families 24/7 to help others in need – like yesterday, when for example, Members of the amazing Stoneville Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade were away from their families (and homes that might have been in danger) from early morning right through the night and are most likely still on the fireground right now making sure there are no flare-ups or re-ignitions.

We know most of our members are a bit shy about publicity – because that’s not why they do it – but the AVBFB knows the only way to spread the word that our communities are kept safe as a result of the actions of unpaid professionals is to be proud about our contribution to the great state of WA.

Here’s a post the Stoneville VBFB uploaded on Facebook yesterday afternoon, reminding us of the hard work our amazing folks donate every hour, every day, every week of every year.

Thank you for having our back ladies and gents. Be assured, the AVBFB has yours.

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