Swiftworks Partnership Update

Since the launch of the partnership between the Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades (AVBFB) and SwiftWorks at the AFAC Conference this year, feedback from volunteers and Local Governments has been very positive.

The uptake of the system, which is fully integrated with Local Government and State reporting requirements, is making the management of brigades and volunteers easier for everyone, including Local Government admin.

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The latest upgrade to the system is the inclusion of an ESL financial management system to enable Local Governments and brigades to easily get a picture of how they are tracking.

From a volunteer’s perspective, the inclusion of a vehicle, equipment and station checks list has been received extremely well as it gives brigades the ability to undertake these checks on any mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Our feedback is this function alone is saving volunteers enormous amounts of time, saving paperwork and also providing accurate reporting and recording for both the brigades and their local government.

Some of the comments we have received to date include:

“As an officer, it’s great to have everything about the brigade and its activities in the palm of my hand. Swiftworks has reduced my paperwork and time I spend on administration to no end, not to mention the callout system and being able to plan ahead is outstanding.”

“The behind the scenes support to adapt the system to how our brigade works has been flexible and flawless.”

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“Being able to track when PPE is due for replacement without even having to think about it makes my life so much easier!”

“The financial management within the system is fully compliant with reporting requirements and the security access control makes it easy for our management group to keep control over what’s happening”

“From a Local Government perspective being able to monitor all Brigades and SES units has reduced our time needed to be spent as well as keeping us up to date in real time has made volunteer management a breeze. Having vehicle, financial, training, resourcing, repairs, emergency response and replacement management of day to day business in the one place has streamlined our business.”

It was good to see Wiluna Volunteer Bushfire Brigade come on board this week as they continue to progress into the future.

The system can be used in all volunteer emergency services areas and Local Governments and will reduce volunteer and agency workload and red tape.

NOTE: The Swiftworks team has an announcement regarding the pricing of the Volunteer Module for members of the AVBFB. Learn more and make contact at the Swiftworks Website now.

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