Our friends at the Swan SES unit posted a wonderful little article today reminding us that there might not be rest for the wicked, but the good among us don’t get a chance to put their feet up too often either!

As you can see from the Facebook post below, the incredible women and men of the Swan SES Unit, West Swan Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade and the Swan Communications Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade gave up an evening this week to do some joint training – this time in flood response and sandbagging.

The AVBFB is super proud to represent the incredible 26,000 bush fire volunteers who keep us all safe, primarily from bushfire, but as you can see below, as part of the bigger team that always has our back no matter what the threat.

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WA sure should be thankful to have such an incredible combination of skills, knowledge and courage ready and willing to help out when disaster strikes – at no cost to government.

Thank you to the Swan SES team for posting this article and giving us all a great insight into some of the work that all of our emergency service volunteers put into PPRR: prevention, preparation, response and recovery.

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