As well as the dreaded call to action siren I would hear from my local volunteer fire brigade growing up in the outer suburbs of Perth, one of the most memorable things I still hold dear is the annual visit by Santa on the volunteer bush fire truck.

40+ years later, that wonderful tradition is still happening all around our great state of WA with many of the amazing 26,000 women and men who routinely sacrifice their own personal and family time to protect the lives and property of others giving back in a much more relaxed way – the annual Santa run.

This is such an incredible annual event and one that goes to the very heart of the value of our network of community-led, volunteer bush fire brigades around the State.

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So for next week’s newsletter, we want to compile as many photos of your Brigade’s Santa run as possible – showing the incredible diversity and community work our incredible volunteers contribute.

Send us your photos by email to or share them directly to us on our Facebook page ( and be sure to include the name of your Brigade and any notes about why your colleagues continue this wonderful local tradition.

We’ll do our best to put them all together in one big article so everyone can see just how our extended family shares the joy of the holidays with each of their local communities.

PS. The photo above was posted by the Donnybrook Emergency and Information Facebook page with the following comment:

Well Santa had technical difficulties tonight so the crew from the Lowden volunteer bushfire brigade came to the rescue and dropped santa and his helpers at the Yabberup hall.

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