Below is a self-explanatory email from Chris Widmer from the Bunbury Community Safety and Emergency Management team promoting the upcoming SWLGEMA Conference.

The Aim of this year’s Conference is: To provide a collaborative working relationship between local governments, to enable them to meet risk management expectations to achieve safer communities.

Hello All,

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2015 – South West Local Government Emergency Management Alliance (SWLGEMA)  Emergency Management Conference  

I trust that you may have been aware of the forthcoming SWLGEMA Emergency Management conference, to be held in Bunbury on the 28th of August.  It will be the latest in a series of such conferences that have been held every two years.  This time, we are working to make it more volunteer focussed and have managed to get sponsorship, specifically to cut the conference nomination fee to half, for bona-fide ES volunteers.

May I ask that you promote this event amongst your membership, to provide an opportunity for them to consider attending.  This will be a non-profit event and we will only be able to accommodate 240 people.  We would be keen to see as many volunteers as possible attend and it will be first-come, first serve basis.  Tickets are now selling and we believe that your networks would be the best medium available,  to ensure that volunteers get an opportunity to participate.

If you need further information, please feel free to call (mobile would be 24/70409 762 222) or or  Your assistance in giving ES volunteers this opportunity would be greatly appreciated.

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