Members know that one of the biggest frustrations the Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades (AVBFB) had with the former FES Commissioner was his view that the money “saved” by trying to reduce the number of different types of appliances across the fleet would not end up costing more in the future.

To the credit of new Commissioner Darren Klemm and Minister Fran Logan, both gentlemen have openly acknowledged the need for “fit-for-purpose” vehicles. We are still hopeful the commitments we have received will deliver a procurement process that allows for local input before vehicles are ordered to ensure the end users will be happy with the outcome.

Readers might remember an article we ran 11 months ago (LEARNING FROM THE EXPERIENCE OF OTHERS) praising our Queensland counterparts (Rural Fire Brigades Association of Queensland) for the work they had done to develop a whole process of consultation and development of new vehicles. They even had this nice little flow chart to explain it all.

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Anyhow, the article below is a follow-up to that one from the latest RFBAQ magazine – all about their new prototype Heavy Attack appliance designed and built after a 12 month tour for field evaluation by end-users – Brigades – across the big state of Queensland.

Congratulations RFBAQ for leading the way in volunteer respect and consultation.

The Local Government Association Queensland’s 122nd Annual Conference saw the RFBAQ and RFSQ reveal a brand-new Rural Fire prototype Heavy Attack fire truck in front of almost 500 Mayors and Councillors.

LGAQ is the perfect forum to unveil this game changer for community defence, as local government is where the tyre meets the road in understanding individual community need.

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This is the first ever state designed and manufactured Heavy Attack and following the LGAQ launch will undertake a 12-month tour for field evaluation by brigades across the whole of Queensland.

The drive behind this new design was providing a platform that will give volunteer brigades in isolated and remote communities the ability to better defend themselves.

Brigade Volunteers – Be sure to contact your local RFSQ Area Office and RFBAQ website to keep up to date for when the heavy attack is coming to a brigade near you.

As a prototype, the design may change before full production as the field evaluation is imperative to ensure the vehicle is ‘Fit for Task’.

This Fit for Task vehicle design process also meets Malone Recommendation 77: That vehicles are fit for the purpose and the Brigade locality for which they are intended.

Deputy Commissioner Mike Wassing, Chief Officer Rural Fire Service Queensland and vehicles specialists will be on hand at the RFBAQ stand to answer questions from Mayors and Councillors regarding this new type of vehicle and any other RFS questions.

Here are the specifications, video and the pictures of the new Heavy Attack –

Visit for all the photos.

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