Here’s an interesting article that appeared on the website of our Queensland colleagues today.


rfbaq-anzacIt’s on again!

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ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee (ADCC) are seeking Rural Fire Brigade and SES volunteers to support alongside Defence Force Personnel for their annual ANZAC Day ‘storming’ of the Brisbane CBD, as many soldiers were out on duty and deployed overseas.

Meeting in Brisbane CBD on Friday the 24th of April, RFB and SES volunteers will be paired off with soldiers to designated points around the CBD with boxes and buckets in hand. Dressed in your yellows and orange, the day will commence by meeting at 0630 and finishes at 1300 hours.

The ‘storming’ of Brisbane CBD is about raising awareness and remembering those who fought for Australia. Monies raised on the day goes on to support the widows and orphans through the generosity of donation received by the public.

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