The following Member Statement was read into the Lower House of the WA State Parliament by the Member for Baldivis, Reece Whitby MLA on Thursday:

MR R.R. WHITBY (Baldivis — Parliamentary Secretary) [12.57 pm] I rise to congratulate the members of the Baldivis Volunteer Fire and Emergency Services for their great work in protecting lives and property in Baldivis and beyond. In the next few weeks the Baldivis vollies will be the proud new owners of a $40 000 crew cab utility vehicle, a valuable addition to their vehicle fleet, helping them transport crews and equipment. This is another key local election commitment I am proud to deliver to my community, under the Local Jobs, Local Projects program. It came about because the Baldivis vollies asked for it. It was their number one wish—an identified and crucial need.

It is no secret that this commitment took a little longer, in order to work through the necessary guidelines around emergency vehicles. I would like to thank former brigade captain Trevor Wise and current captain Neil Chaplin for their strong advocacy and for working with me to deliver this commitment. Thanks too to all the Baldivis volunteers for their patience. I know they cannot wait to get behind the wheel. I would also like to thank former and current Department of Fire and Emergency Services Commissioners Wayne Gregson and Darren Klemm for their work and support of our local brigade. Their ability to deliver our vollies what they needed is very much appreciated. Finally, a special thank you to the can-do Minister for Emergency Services and his ministerial office for the key role they played in helping to deliver this vehicle. I can stop harassing him and his staff now. It is great to see a commonsense, result driven approach to delivering government priorities.

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